The company being established in 2007 only, has an able support of its experienced engineers and chemical engineering experts. Its core assisting team comprises of the highly qualified persons who have rendered their flawless services to the clients to make an optimum use of the available resources and supplied equipment.

These experts are well educated and hold degrees in chemical engineering and chemistry and have rich experiences of handling operations in reputed companies for over 20 years. Thus, one can attribute growing clients list to their untiring efforts and quality services.


ASNA with aid of its experts is able to:

  • Design and plan chemical plants & reactors focused to the client’s needs. Here these companies’ experts take all pain to make a fine and accurate design which shall be very useful to serve their clients interests.
  • Supply laboratory tools and scientific equipment keeping clients interest on the high priority. The experts ensure that all products shall be of high quality and shall not have any flaw.
  • Install Chemical plants, reactors and Lab equipment.
  • Continue the services and supply spare parts to their clients.

Moreover, to continue the services and supply spare parts to their clients.  They keep track of their clients various needs and requirements regarding all parts and ensure their timely shipment to them.  A happiest client lot is live proof of it unmistakable services.  Here at ASNA, we shall ensure that our clients shall get all their quarries addressed quickly and effectively. The experts entrusted with this job leave simply no chance of any complaint. With growing client satisfaction, ASNA is all set to replicate the term SUCCESS.